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About Me

I consider it a privilege to be trusted with the keys to someone's home. It's not just where someone lives. It's where you go to feel safe, relax and be happy. I deeply value how a home can make you feel.

Not to sound like a dating website profile but you might want to know a little about me if we're going to be working together.

I've lived in Frederick for 40 years, I love 80's music, a good laugh and my iPhone.

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Matt Aspey

Bach & Associates, Inc. Realtors

I commuted from Frederick to DC for 10 years working for a National Relocation Company helping facilitate the sale of transferee's homes when they needed to relocate due to new opportunities with their employer. I'm not kidding when I say the commute probably shaved several years off my life.

Always wanting to own my own business, I made the decision to follow my passion and start a floral event business specializing in weddings. I owned and operated To The 9s Floral and Event Design full time for 8 years working in the MD/DC/VA area. It was very successful earning a highly regarded 5-Star reputation for customer service and quality evidenced by over 250, 5 star reviews from clients.

Anyone who's owned their own business can tell you, it can be a lot more than what you may have bargained for and that's why I decided to go back to real estate as a local licensed agent. Funny thing is that although the jobs were total polar-opposites, they still had a very strong common thread of establishing a relationship of trust, delivering excellent customer service and addressing challenges during stressful life events.

Why List With Me


Why list with Matt?

The answer is simple: Research, Marketing, and Communication!

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I determine the appropriate market value of your home by researching the activity in your area and the pace of the market. We'll then review this information together and I'll suggest a range to list your home that's suitable for you and buyers alike. My goal is to help you get the greatest amount of money in the least amount of time and stress possible. Nobody wants to leave money on the table!


What Matt Offers:

  • Professional Photos of your Home
  • Sponsored social media blasts
  • Professional designed "Just Listed" postcards and complimentary brochures
  • Open Houses
  • Ad placement in The Frederick News Post and other local publications
  • Offer suggestions for improvements and tips for staging. First impressions are everything!

What other agents offer:

  • Photos taken with smart phones that poorly represent your home
  • Take your listing, enter it into the MLS system and simply wait for another agent to sell your home
  • Limit their time, energy, and money on ways to market your home


Your listing is a priority and I am present from listing through settlement including any possible twists and turns along the way. This is a big life event and it can be very stressful. Don't you want to know that if you need to talk to your agent, they are going to be there for you?


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Sure it's fun to surf the web and search for your dream home, and with all online tools available it's easier than ever. But when you're at the point of getting serious and wanting to visit homes, you'll want to see them sooner than later and when it fits your busy schedule. I'm a full time agent! This is how I make my living so I will do my absolute best to accommodate your availability. My approach is that we're a team in the home buying process.

When the Buyer Representation relationship is established, my commitment to you is to...

Provide you with quick response times to your questions

Interpret information that you may already have from your online research

Advise you on the current market value of the home that you're considering making an offer on by preparing a market analysis

Upon request, I can supply you with recommendations and referrals for Home Inspectors, Lenders, Appraisers, and Settlement/ Title Companies

Work with you through the Home Inspection process

Comprehensively guide you through the process from the start of your home search to the final purchase of your home at settlement

Model Homes

What you need to know before you go

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Interested in New Construction?

Did you know that the super friendly builder's representative in the model home is there representing the person who's giving them a paycheck...the BUILDER... So my question is "Who's representing You?" The most important take-away from this post should be this: If you don't have an agent with you when you decide to go to look at that gorgeous model home, then you may end up going unrepresented if you decide to purchase. Most builders require an agent to accompany and register the client at the first visit. The reason being is that the builder is paying the agent for bringing the customer, not so much that they are concerned about you being represented. On occasion, a builder may make an exception if you are clear that you have a buyer's agent agreement when you first meet with them.

Some very important takeaways regarding New Construction and Buyer Representation.

If you don't have a Buyer's Agent with you when you first go to look at the models, then you'll more than likely have to go unrepresented even if you decide later that you want buyer's representation.

Having Buyer's Representation does NOT negatively affect the purchase price of the home. Fees earned by a buyer's agent comes out of the builder's totally separate marketing budget. You don't pay a dime.

That onsite salesperson's loyalty is with the Builder. A Buyer's Agent will be your advocate, having your best interest at heart and may be able to negotiate for "extras" like additional closing cost assistance and/or upgrades.

The builder's contract is unique to the community being developed and is written in favor of the builder. A Buyer's Agent will give you advice during all phases of the process-- from contract, construction, walk through, and closing.

A Buyer's Agent will help address issues that more than likely will pop up along the way. Builders recognize that Realtors bring clients to them so they want our business. This weighs in our favor when it comes to negotiations or addressing those unexpected issues. Do you think I would bring another buyer to a builder that's not sensitive to my clients concerns?

My Contacts


There are many ways of contacting me. On this page I list the means of communication I’m most comfortable with.